Happy 100th Birthday Ronald Reagan


This evening I received a phone call from my mom. Not just any phone call, not her
usual call either. For tonight, she seemed upset. I asked what was wrong and she
said, "I guess you heard that Paul Harvey has died." "Oh no!" I replied. "I didn't," I said.
After our phone call I began to reflect on all the great memories I've had over the past 40 
years listening to Paul Harvey with my dad and grandfather. He truly is one of the greatest
broadcasters in the history of radio and television. We missed a few Dodger games
and Laker games on radio, but we never missed Paul Harvey at noon. My dad and
grandfather always brought along a transistor radio so we could listen while fishing
on Crowley Lake. We listened almost religiously. Sometimes, we would have to
move the boat to a different location so KABC would come in. Those were the days.
I will miss you, and thank you for the memories Paul Harvey. Good day!



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